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Our Values

We provide a variety of wealth and investment management strategies to clients with diverse needs, but our core values provide a consistent foundation that remains the same across the board.

TEAMWORK. At C&N Investment Services, we truly believe that together we are stronger. As said in our Mission Statement, building lasting relationships with our customers, teammates, community and shareholders remains top-of-mind throughout our service. We view each of these groups as part of our team at large, and continually strive to work together in the most efficient ways so that we may pursue financial success together as a whole.

RESPECT. We value each and every member in our system, whether that be our clients, fellow C&N team members, community members or shareholders. We treat each with the utmost respect as we are all in this together.

RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY. We “work like we own it,” or in other words, deliver on our clients’ needs as if they were our own. We hold ourselves responsible and accountable every step of the way, acting as advocates for our clients’ on their path toward financial success.

EXCELLENCE. We do our absolute best. Every day. Every time.

INTEGRITY. We do the right thing when no one is looking. That means consistently managing our clients’ portfolios over time, long after we’ve met in person, to work toward continual success.

CLIENT FOCUS. We take a client-centric approach when developing tailored strategies, always committed to acting in our clients’ best interest and considering their perspective and well-being at every opportunity.

HAVE FUN. Everyone wants to have an enjoyable retirement and future, but the necessary steps must be taken first in order to get there. We work hard now so our clients have the potential to play hard later.