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Our Approach

At C&N Investment Services, we take pride in our intimate knowledge of the highly unique needs of our clients, and we use a client-centric approach when developing personalized plans. What is the proper investment strategy for one individual may not be be right for another, and that’s why we’ll never provide “one size fits all” type strategies. To strive to achieve true success and meet goals in the most efficient manner possible, we form tailored strategies for unique individuals.

Our simple but effective approach is comprised of five key steps:

1. Define goals:

When a client comes to us initially, the first thing we’ll do is sit down and get to know the client on a personal level, clearly defining their goals, needs and concerns.

2. Gather information:

After getting to know our clients and their objectives, we’ll get to work on gathering information that will help us create a sound plan based on their aspirations.

3. Analyze and develop:

We’ll analyze the data and information to uncover areas of opportunity, and then begin developing a unique plan of action.

4. Present and advise:

A tailored plan specifically for the client is presented along with multiple options along with advice that outlines various strategies that are designed to help them reach their goals.

5. Implement and monitor:

Once the plan and strategy is determined, we’ll implement it and continuously monitor it, to ensure the seeds we’ve planted will begin developing into viable financial strategies. We will touch base with the client on a regular basis to review progress and make any important updates needed.